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Conveyor Roller Bearings Are Our Specialty.

For over 35 years, we have been making high quality conveyor roller bearings. We have developed a complete line of semi-precision bearings, mainly for the conveyor industry.

We take pride in a quality product, prompt delivery, and excellent service to meet your material handling and ball bearing needs. Our unique rib design featured on the FC Series was developed to accommodate the variations in tube tolerances.

Our heavier duty FR Series is available with a polypropylene inner race specifically designed to allow re-greasing. This design provides a smooth, quieter conveyor roller and most sizes are available in stainless steel for all your washdown applications.

All of our bearings are proudly manufactured in Brimfield Ohio, USA.

We offer custom development of new bearings to meet your needs. Contact us today.

  • F Series: 1.272-1.281
  • F Series: 1.625-1.775
  • FC Series: 1.250
  • FC Series: 1.500
  • FC Series: 1.710-1.775
  • FC Series: 2.280
  • LF Series: 1.775
  • WF Series: 1.375
  • EC Series: 2.340
  • 2511 Series: 2.280
  • 1912 Series: 1.715-1.775
  • PF Series: 1.775
  • EC MFC Series: 2.340
  • FR Series: 1.125-1.281
  • FR Series: 1.498-1.524
  • FR Series: 1.598-1.707
  • FR Series: 1.775-2.280
  • Re-Greasable FR Series
  • R Series: 2.375-2.250
  • DWF Series: 1.715-1.775
  • EC FR Series: 2.340